Wire band production/BoWiTec

High quality wire band for the manufacture of fasteners from the production of BoWiTec GmbH

BoWiTec specializes in the production of high-quality wire band, which is used to manufacture fasteners.

The innovative technology of the wire band assembly line developed and manufactured by the company PWM Maschinen- und Apparatebau GmbH in the PREBENA Group is the basis for the production of the BoWiTec wire band and is now regarded as one of the best processes for the production of wire band worldwide.

Thus, BoWiTec is able to manufacture custom-built metal wire band. These are manufactured in a variety of designs, including galvanized, highly galvanized, aluminum and stainless steel. A production according to individual customer requirements is part of the service and belongs to the BoWiTec services features.

BoWiTec wire band are manufactured in Schotten - "Made in Germany" - according to the specifications of ISO quality management and fulfill the highest quality standards. Fasteners obtained from BoWiTec wire band can fulfill all relevant standards as well as Eurocode 5 and ETA-16/0101.

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