PKT - Cordless Air Technology

Compressed air from the compressed air cylinder for every application.

Total Independence


 No need for:
a standard compressor
a battery
an accumulator
an air hose   

 Here you will find our complete Cordless Air Program:



The most mobile way to use compressed air.

  • Refillable compressed air cylinders
  • Environment friendly due to exchange system
  • Totally unaffected by temperature or weather
  • Easy replacement at a specialist dealer.
  • Adjustable operating pressure on device
  • Gauge for air level
  • Gauge for working pressure

Screw in ...

Own refilling of compressed air cylinder with compressor PKT-TWINTEC 400...

  • Screw in the compressed air cylinder
  • Switch on the fill station
  • Automatic stop, when the compressed air cylinder
    is completely filled

...or easy replacement at a specialist dealer.

Here you will find the specialist dealer in your area.