Achieving a flawless quality is our slogan. We do pursue this in all ranges of PREBENA starting in the sector of development and production up to the repairing of our devices and compressors.

For any repair conducted not only the broken parts will be replaced, moreover the complete device is overhauled and maintained. Additionally we do carry out a functional test and safety inspection.

As we dispose all spare parts in stock we are usually able to repair every device immediately.

Reconsignment of your device at your PREBENA specialist dealer

Your specialist dealer will arrange a safety packaging and will fill in a repair order together with you. This order will inform us about the damage and the extent the reparation will require. After a repair and safety inspection had been conducted you can pick up again the device at your specialist dealer.

Sample repair order form for print     Repair Order Form.pdf
Sample repair order form to fill in      Repair Order Form.docx

Reconsignment of your device without a specialist dealer

When sending the device directly to our works without handing it out to specialist dealer beforehand, please do enclose a repair order filled in by a specialist dealer containing the information needed to repair the device.

Estimation of costs

If the repair of your device causes high costs you will receive an estimation of costs which needs your approval.

Doing youself

Repairing of PREBENA devices should be generally only conducted by qualified personnel.

Please consider that any claim on warranty will expire in case improper repairs will be conducted. We would advise you not to carry out any repairs on your own. We recommend you to contact the prompt and well qualified PREBENA repair service.

Nevertheless you decide to repair the device on your own, please only use original spare parts.

In case of warranty: Please enclose a copy of the sales receipt and your certificate of warranty.

Your Address for Repairs:

PREBENA Wilfried Bornemann GmbH & Co. KG
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63679 Schotten


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