Staples Type Z

PREBENA staples type Z in the version CRFHA and CSVHA
in the version strong galvanized or stainless steel (material code 1.4301) according to the requirements of the EUROCODE 5 and compliance with EN 14592-2012-8.

Staples type Z with European Technical Assessment for staples as wood connecting fasteners, a construction product that in all European Member States is recognized and admitted.


  • galvanized, coated (CNKHA)
  • strong galvanized, coated (CSVHA)
  • strong galvanized, coated with ETA-Approval (CSVHA-ETA)
  • stainless steel (CRFHA)
  • stainless steel with ETA-Approval (CRFHA-ETA)

Further types and lengths are available on request!


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Technical Specifications

  • fom 16 - 75 mm (5/8" - 3")
  • Wire size: 1,4 x 1,6 mm (0.055 x 0.063 in.)
  • Crown: 11,2 mm (0.441 in.)