Cordless Nailer for Roundhead-Stripnails type RKP from 65 - 100 mm

PREBENA PKT technology in combination
with an 18 V LiHD high-performance battery

>> Fast shot sequence: 1.5 shots/second
>> Including compressed air cylinder KT-1000 - only for filling!
>> Optimal weight balance and shooting performance
>> Low construction height: only 38 cm
>> Weight: only 4.4 kg without battery
>> Single shot or bump fire

Indepentent of gas cylinder, power cord and hose for maximum flexibility of operation

Ergonomic designed for strong performance and high comfort in every use

Powerful for all nail lengths - also in ring version

Repair- and service-friendly

Environmentally consious - no gas, no CO2 emissions

For indoor and outdoor use

Weather and temperature independent

Number of shots with AKKU18-4,0-LiHD: approx. 700
Number of shots with AKKU18-5,5-LiHD: approx. 1.100

Standard Equipment:
Operation via touch display, toolless removal of the magazine, safety device, belt clip, depth adjustment, quick loading system, gauge for air level, pressure relief

Please note: Delivery of the device without battery

Available probably from June 2020

Application Areas

Carpentry, roofing, timber construction, load securing and everywhere where independet nailing is required


1 pcs. PKT-8-RKP100 in plastic transport case


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Technical Specifications

Measurements: L 357 x W 143 x H 380 mm (L 14.06 x W 5.63 x H 14.96 in.)
Weight: 4,4 kg (9.7 lb.)