Mewi-Einlatt-Blitz 2000

Integrated PREBENA coilnailer 7F-CNW90

Only who is using modern, safe technology is working economically and spares healthy of its employees

Work healthier, faster and more effectively

Ususally, the roof batting is managed only in an extreme stooped position and the associated strong pressure of knees and back.

Moreover, our systems replace the hand machines

• sophisticated professional solution
• a spacer aligns the roof panels at the right distance
• with semi-automatic mitre saw
• the pneumatic nailer is integrated

Application Areas

Roof battens and element battens


1 pcs. Mewi-Einlatt-Blitz 2000 incl. pneumatic nailer 7F-CNW90


Technical Specifications

Length: 640 mm
Width: 430 mm
Height: 540 mm
Weight: 16 kg
Operating pressure: 5 - 7 bar
Max. pressure: 8 bar
Air requirement: 2,6 l / element

Magazine capacity
Nail Ø 2,5 mm: 300 element
Nail Ø 2,8 - 3,1 mm: 200 element
Nail bonding: wire
Nail length: 45 - 90 mm

Setting range: 150 mm - 500 mm slat distance
Reference value: 100 m² roof area slat on ca. 30 min.

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