Press Release PKT-HYBRID

The existing is not good enough!

Innovative PREBENA PKT-HYBRID cordless nail gun for paper collated D-head and round-head strip nails up to 100 mm length

Completely independent of the gas cartridge, power cord and hose, the new powerful PKT-HYBRID nailer from PREBENA offers maximum working flexibility and mobility. The ergonomically designed nail guns guarantee outstanding performance and high comfort for every application.

This innovative PKT-HYBRID technology is a combination of the tried and tested PREBENA PKT technology and an 18 V LiHD high-performance battery from the Cordless Alliance System (CAS). The Cordless Alliance System (CAS) is a cross-manufacturer battery pack system for all trades. More specifically, the CAS is bringing 14 different manufacturers from a wide variety of industries under one umbrella: Within the system devices, machines, chargers and battery packs are 100% compatible and can be combined as required. In the 18 volt class, more than 160 high-performance battery devices are available.

The PKT-HYBRID device family embraces 4 models, each with a round head and a D-head strip nailer with a short or long magazine for nails up to an incredible length of 100 mm – and this with a very compact design.

Both tools have enormous shooting power, speed and battery power to drive nails with a length between 65 and 100 millimeters and a shaft diameter of 2.8 to 3.4 millimeters at 1.5 shots per second.

The PREBENA PKT-HYBRID nail guns with "Optiwear Technology" are the first cordless tools in the market with which a 100 mm long nail can be easily driven into hardwood. In addition, this technology offers the user the advantage that the devices are weather and temperature independent and can also be perfectly used for indoor usage.

Touch display, lock-out safety device, depth adjustment, belt hook, a tool-free moantable and removable magazine are part of the extensive standard equipment.