Corporate Social Responsibility

 PREBENA Code of Conduct

1. Preamble

Since its beginnings ethical and sustainable behavior is one of the core values of PREBENA. With the PREBENA Code of Conduct, we voluntarily demonstrate our commitment to global ethical and moral behavior, compliance with antitrust and competition law requirements, and compliance with the legal framework in our businesses. We are convinced that compliance with the principles described below contributes significantly to sustainable business and that PREBENA lives up to its social responsibility.

2. General rules

2.1. Scope

The PREBENA Code of Conduct is binding on all companies and employees. It will be regularly informed in this area of application and the management ensures compliance.

2.2. Compliance with laws, regulations and standards

PREBENA respects the applicable laws, regulations and standards of the countries in which it operates. Honorable, integrity behaviors characterize the business dealings as well as the cooperation with public institutions. Righteousness and the observance of human dignity are paramount.

3. Responsible handling of information and data

3.1. Preservation of trade secrets

PREBENA undertakes to treat all information obtained directly or indirectly in the context of cooperation as confidential and to use it only in connection with joint projects and coordinated use. PREBENA will not disclose this information to third parties or make it available to third parties otherwise and to take all reasonable precautions to prevent third parties from accessing this information. This requirement is also made to the business partners of PREBENA.

3.2. Data protection

Compliance with the (DSGVO) - General Data Protection Regulation - is an integral part of dealing with customers and suppliers and, of course, the employees. PREBENA also expects all business partners to comply with the requirements of the DSGVO.

4. Ethical responsibility for employees and the environment

4.1. Human rights and human dignity

PREBENA is committed to respecting internationally recognized human rights. All people, regardless of gender, age, religion, education or background, are treated with dignity. PREBENA attaches great importance to an absolute prohibition of discrimination and try to be exemplary for our society. Any form of physical, psychological or sexual violence is disapproved. The right to freedom of expression is respected and privacy is respected. Even in the case of disciplinary measures, those affected should be treated with dignity and respect. Applicable laws and national standards are always adhered to in this context.

4.2. Child labor and forced labor

Child labor and any other form of exploitation of children, adolescents and adults will be rejected, and the relevant laws respected. All forms of forced labor, bonded labor, serfdom and slave labor are strictly rejected. Employees must not be forced to work either directly or indirectly through violence or intimidation. PREBENA also expects its business partners to comply with the ban on child labor and forced labor.

4.3. Working hours

PREBENA undertakes to comply with applicable national regulations on working hours and expects this from its business partners. All employees have one free working day per week and a reasonable annual leave. In general, all requirements from the Working Time Law and the Holiday Time Law must be met.

4.4. Pay

All employees should receive an appropriate wage for their employment which is at least enough to meet the basic requirements on a full-time employment basis. The fee must be paid out in a practical manner (cash, bank transfer, check) and a salary statement to an appropriate extent. The respective employee rights of a country are respected.

4.5. Safety and health

PREBENA is committed to upholding all the state-of-the-art safety and health laws of the workplace. All employees must be provided with suitable work equipment to carry out their work, as well as all necessary information on handling hazardous substances and mixtures. All employees are sufficiently informed about internal fire protection, occupational safety regulations and the handling of machines, systems and vehicles.

4.6. Environmental protection

PREBENA pays attention to the environment. Used raw materials and supplies should not be wasted, environmentally friendly production is always the same goal as the avoidance of waste. All natural resources are handled responsibly by PREBENA.

5. Compliance with antitrust and competition law conditions

5.1. Antitrust

PREBENA is committed to fair competition. Competition-protecting and antitrust laws are complied with. Price or condition agreements and other agreements on sales territories or customers contradict the principles of PREBENA.

5.2. Corruption

PREBENA strictly rejects bribery and corruption and does not tolerate such behavior. All employees are requested to make sure that no personal dependencies arise. No gifts may be accepted which are for personal gain and / or influence business decisions. Violations are punishable by employment law. Gifts in the context of custom and courtesy in a country are permitted unless there are compulsory dependencies.

6. Intranet / Publication

The content of the "Code of Conduct" is freely accessible to all employees of the PREBENA Group and can alternatively be accessed at any time at: The "Code of Conduct" is regarded as a binding guide to dealing with all the above-mentioned aspects.