About us

PREBENA - Partner of the specialized trade
Pneumatic devices, compressors and collated fasteners

PREBENA is one of the leaders in the fastening industry, headquartered in 63679 Schotten, Germany.

Technical innovations are our strength
Since founding of PREBENA in 1960 in Schotten (Germany) all technical innovations take place in the main production site there. Both the pneumatic implements as well as the manufacturing machines for the production of staples, collated nails and screws are being developed by PREBENA itself.


Quality is the foundation of our success
Through experience of over 50 years, the company´s highest quality and efficiency of products and excellent service are guaranteed. To ensure this high level, PREBENA attaches importance to strong and long-term relationships with its partners worldwide. ISO quality management and production of PREBENA fasteners according to the Eurocode 5 is precondition in all companies and our standard.


Extensive product range
With a large product diversity PREBENA is capable of serving widely varied specialist trade sectors and branches of the economy, from major industries through professional craft enterprises to hobby do-it-yourselfers. The product range of PREBENA is perfectly matched. It includes:

  • Pneumatic nailing guns
  • Pneumatic air cylinder nailing guns
  • Staplers
  • Compressors
  • Electric Screwdrivers
  • More than 3500 different collated fasteners from 3-160 mm length: Staples, brads, pins, nails, screws

PREBENA international
Our technology is recognized as one of the leaders worldwide. Our products are sold in over 60 countries. Also the manufacturing machines for the production of fasteners meanwhile operate in factories all over the world. Through the company's expansion production plants have been created worldwide. Service and selling of PREBENA products is guaranteed by more than 30 distribution companies worldwide.

Environmental Protection
The safeguarding and economical use of natural resources in the future is also a central objective of PREBENA Wilfried Bornemann GmbH & Co. KG. Protection and safeguarding of the environment are important objectives of our company. We take this into account in our products as well in the production. In all our business activities we try to preserve resources or use them sparingly to keep the damage of the environment impact as low as possible.We also try to develop if possible environmentally friendly products and manufacturing process. This is reflected among others in our PREBENA CORDLESS AIR TECHNOLOGY.