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We ensure product quality!
Variable staples with european certification

The European Technical Approval is a widely recognized proof technical usability of a construction product within the meaning of the Construction Products Regulation in the Member States of the EU.

Staples with European Technial Assesment for staples as wood connecting fasteners, a construction product that in all European Member States is recognized and admitted. 

  •  Definite head lancing parameters for fiberboard insulation
  •  Definite useful life of staples = 50 years
  •  Specified materials for the staple base and the connected component for example fibreboard, oriented structural board, drywall, gysum fibreboard
  •  Staples are approved throughout Europe
  •  More safety for users
  •  Unlimited validity of the admission

Staple certification for wire Ø 1,52 - 2,0 mm up to 170 mm length in versions:
RF = stainless steel, material no. 1.4301
SV = strong galvanized, 12 μm galvanizing 

  •  Staples length for connecting of fiberboard insulation with WP staples up to 170 mm
  •  Crown is possible from 8,8 - 30 mm

While using PREBENA ETA-staples continue to apply EN1995-1-1 (EC5) and product standard EN14592.