ETA – recognized throughout Europe – respected worldwide!

The European Technical Approval – ETA – replaces the national technical approval for staples as a certified construction product!

European Technical Approval (ETA) is a generally accepted form of proof of technical usability of a building product in the sense of construction product regulation in the member states of the EU.

It qualifies a CE marking and offers reliable proof of special performance characteristics for permanent use in construction, prefabricated house and timber frame construction.

Staple certification for wire Ø 1.52 – 2.0 mm up to a length of 170 mm in the following versions:
RF = stainless steel, material no. 1.4301
SV = strong galvanized steel, 12 μm zinc coating

• High certification requirements
• Higher pull-out values compared to the previous German approvals
  >> comparable with ring nails
• Higher wire strength
• 100% standard-compliant fastening
• Guaranteed service life of the staples at least 50 years
• Unlimited validity of the authorisation

According to Eurocode 5, staples must not be subjected to long-term or permanent pull-out forces - e.g. in the case of suspended ceilings or ceiling parts - in structural timber construction. Staples with ETA approval are absolutely necessary for this.

PREBENA ETA staples are
• permitted for permanent pull-out forces
• approved for wood fibre insulating materials with fixed pull-through values

"Made in Germany" – As an innovative manufacturer, PREBENA produces the new ETA staples on specially developed production plant in order to guarantee the high certification requirements.

In parallel with the staple certification a range of devices has been developed to handle the staples in the relevant industries. It covers all pneumatic staplers for fast and simple stapling with ETA staples:
• Modules for static use in industrial manufacturing
• Mobile modules for moving large-scale substructures
• Pneumatic staplers with automatic trigger system
SlideSystem for placing staples at precise, regular intervals

Of course the building staples can also be handled with the PREBENA pneumatic staplers from the standard range.

ETA brochure (PDF.)





The Eurocode 5 is also called EN 1995-1-1 and

  • replaces DIN 1052 as design standard
  • deals with the dimensioning and construction of timber buildings
  • was conceived for the European unification in the building industry
  • is intended to facilitate intra-European trade

Pin-shaped fasteners such as nails are part of Eurocode 5. The National Annex supplements Eurocode 5 on a country-specific basis. In the National Annex, fixed parameters for the respective country can be added.

This standard has been created as the basic framework for the design bases and at the same time defines new requirements for the pin-shaped fasteners, which are defined in the product standard DIN EN 14592.

Use of fasteners according to their surface coating for different applications. Higher requirements for fasteners than DIN 1052.
Description of the climatic conditions and the moisture content of the wood by three different classes of use
The service classes are identified by the PREBENA colour codes. The product standard for pin-shaped fasteners is DIN EN 14592 and regulates:

  • Test method
  • demands
  • quality controls
    for e.g. nails, staples, screws etc... 

Once the tests have been passed, they are confirmed with a certificate of conformity. Therefore, the CE mark may or must be used. The mechanical properties of the fasteners are tested and guarantee the suitable product for the corresponding application.



PREBENA fasteners carry the CE mark and meet the requirements of EN 14592.

PREBENA technical information for Euro Code 5  

as a print version or PDF file, can be ordered in our contact form if you provide details of your address

Die technischen Datenblätter der Befestigungsmittel finden Sie hier:

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Round head coil Type CNW
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Half head nails Type CNH
Anchornails Type ANK

Here you will find the Declaration of Performance for nails: