New Products

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Just practical!

9.000 staples type PF in plastic case

Slider 7F-CNW90

Easy covering of wooden frame systems

Fast • Easy • Effectively

Mewi-Einlatt-Blitz 2000

 Roof battens - modern and ergonomic

Work healthier, faster and more effectively!

Slider hand grip


Hand grip for all PREBENA Slider

Toolfree installation - after attaching the hand grip to the device


Staples a certified construction product

Staples with European Technical Assessment (ETA-16/0101) as wood connecting fasteners are recognized and admitted in all European Member States

Available in the following standard version:

                                                           Further types available on request!

Compressor WARRIOR 460


The new profi for the construction site WARRIOR 460 is ideal for crane driving
and has a holder for up to two PREBENA air-hose-reel


Cordless-Air-Nailer PKT-2-J50SD-SVN


New devices from environmentally friendly PREBENA PKT cordless air technology:
PKT-2-J50SD-SVN for invisible fixing of glazing beads


Optiwear Technology

Brand new pneumatic nailers with Optiwear Technology for a wide range of applications


World Novelty - The only one of it's kind

Two applications simultaneously - Fill station for all PREBENAcompressed air clyinders and standard-compressor


SlideFix 4C

Easy connection of PREBENA pneumatic stapler to guide rails

for safe and straightaways guiding of pneumatic staplers 

SlideFix 4C

PREBENA SlideSystem

Fast - Easy - Effective         

Paneling of wooden wallboards for timber
frame construction

Slider 4C-Z50

Slider 5C-Z75